Stay Safe


Here are some examples of essential items you may need for your Winter Motoring this year.

Visit our shop to be sure you have everything you need..

“I'm so happy i visited Titan before my trip to Wales, they assured me my car was fit for travel and it took a big weight off my shoulders”

TITAN's Winter check cannot guarantee to find every possible problem before heading off on a Winter trip, but anything not normal should be fairly visible by us and our checklist will find most things. ... Knowing anything peculiar about your car will also really help us so be sure to tell us if anything has not been normal on your vehicle recently as it may be the difference between safe enjoyable warm motoring and a cold trip fraught with problems.
Claire Wilson


If you are stuck in a jam and decide to leave your vehicle, always try to leave it in a position in a line of cars and not stuck out and scattered and blocking the road like in this picture.


If you’re experiencing problems such as having to dig your car out of the snow then it should be fair to assume that today is maybe not the best day to travel. Check your conditions before setting off for your complete route if possible.


Here are just a small selection of examples what can happen when you travel in what you think are safe conditions just because everyone else is travelling too.


You will need all your wits about you if deciding to travel, take care and please be careful.

Winter Hazards

Here you can find out some Wintry facts about travelling and about your vehicle, it is written in a form to make it easy for anyone not naturally car-savvy to be able to understand, so please no picking faults from you teccies out there.