Dont be left stranded

One of everyone’s biggest fears or annoyances is to have your car breakdown and leave you stranded.


This can be especially distressing if stranded in bad weather, with young children or frail vulnerable passengers as well as other situation s such as on way to an airport to catch your flight amongst others.

“Titan have excelled again, many thanks.”

Returned from my skiing trip and picked my car up from the parking agents at the airport. I had only driven 50 yards or so outside their car park and i began to lose fuel on the road and i got a message to stop the car. The Aiport parking specialist i left the car with would not even help me and i had to call TITAN who came out to pick me up and to my surprise managed to completely replace the pipe at the roadside with a special kit they have. Car was as good as new and i was able to drive home and needless to say i will never use the airport specialist drop off at East Midlands Airport ever again and it would not surprise me if they were responsible for the damage to begin with.
Stephen fiennes

Speedy Recovery

Let us take care of this stressful time for you and make it as painless as possible, we will endeavour to pick you up within a couple of hours traffic permitting within an 80 mile radius of Hull.


There is a balance with a Recovery Service in that if travelling more than 100 miles away from your home then it is always ideal for you to belong to one opf the thre Nationwide Recovery Companies – RAC, AA or Green Flag.


A membership subscription with either the AA, RAC or Green Flag is usually a pretty good investment, it certainly gives you peace of mind in the way that you can safely travel anywhere throughout the UK without fear of getting stranded. In reality it all depends how much value you place on having that peace of mind as opposed to the expense of being a member.

Contact Us for Assistance and Breakdown

We are able to pick up your vehicle and bring it back to our garage where we can often fix your vehicle the same day putting you back on the road with minimum fuss and the least inconvienance